Lazy Days and… Tuesdays?

In the morning, a reporesentative from the Sunday non-catamaran came here to convince us we’d like to have a free trip with them plus they would pay for our taxi getting back here.  Tom said no, maybe we’d take them up on that offer next year.  The representative and Tom called the president of the company who was also stunned that we wouldn’t be bought off for a free catamaran trip and a $30 taxi ride.

Turns out that they were supposed to pick up 9 people at the Hilton but only 4 showed up.  So they inconvenienced about 40 people for the Hilton and less than 50% of their folks even showed up.

But we moved on…

A lazy, lazy day by The Crane pools.  These pictures were taken throughout the day and into the evening.  To see the whole album and some nice sunset shots, please click here.

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