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Another cruise!

This year started off with another “Crusin’ with Susan” cruise which was fantastic.  I had it all set up to post daily entries (which I still haven’t gotten to do – and still may post since I have the notes.

We got back from that cruise and the next Sunday my DH had a heart attack followed by triple bypass surgery and months of rehab. I cleared out a room so he could have an office to work at home and start a new business. I moved almost all that stuff into the “sewing room”.

Then, over the summer my mom decided she would move in with us which required a LOT of moving stuff, getting rid of stuff, painting, clearing out a place for her things. She took over the “sewing room” so all that stuff had to come out…

At the end of the summer, my long-time best friend in the world died suddenly and I acquired her website – Power Surge which required a LOT of work.

I am so ready for a break and to go on this cruise.  It’s identical to the cruise I took with Susan in January except that we’re on another cruise line, Norwegian this time.  We are on the same ship (the Jewel) that DH, DS and I took in 2009 so it’s déjà vu in a couple ways!


Calgon Norwegian – take me away!

Beach Buddies


New Orleans, LA, January 10, 2013

New Orleans

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Neither Susan nor I have been to new Orleans so we decided to go a day early to see what’s what…

My flight from DCA departed on time and arrived a little early at MSY…through a thunderstorm. The landing was a bit bumpy but I’ve bee through worse.

Walking to baggage claim, I saw a TShirt I’d have loved to buy but I figured they’d have them everywhere.  Of course, they didn’t.

I got to baggage claim and Susan was there.  Her plane had arrived an hour earlier but she’d had to have a connecting flight and left much earlier in the morning.

My suitcase didn’t take too long to arrive but it was wet from the rain 🙁

Susan had already reserved a shuttle, so we went outside and got on. Unfortunately, we had to wait for the shuttle to fill up before we left.

Because of the rain, we couldn’t see much of the city, but we were first off the shuttle.

We’re at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside and we are next to the Mississippi.

After a short nap (during which I started coughing – they had duck feathers in the pillows), we headed over to the Riverwalk Marketplace.




The Riverwalk was a major disappointment. Most stores of the stores closed, no restaurants open. We got chocolate for later.  They turned the lights out on us at 6:30PM!

Gordon Biersch

We decided to look around for dinner and headed out to Gordon Biersch.   I had Pineapple mojito. Moroccan chicken. Bread pudding with ice cream, pecans, whiskey sauce.

We went to Walgreens for some incidentals.  Even they have beads and masks for Mardi Gras.  The parades start the 19th this year because of the Super Bowl.  I got a TShirt and Alavert for that cough.