why another blog?

Many would ask why I’ve started yet another blog.  Looking at the blogroll on the right side it would seem that I have way more than enough.

The answer is pretty simple.  This site looks fantastic on an iPad.  I had been looking at a blog done by some folks from my church who were running a sports camp in Poland.  I just happened to be looking it on my iPad and their site was the coolest thing.  I just knew that I wanted to do that, too.

I checked out the theme and it wasn’t yet available for people who had privately owned blogs, so… I ‘m starting again.  The iPad effect looks so nice with images, I’ve decided to repost some Golden Oldies from past trips, then use this is a trip/picture blog.  I am so tired of always posting health issues and it seemed like time to look at more positive things 🙂

I hope it will look fine on PCs but if on an iPad, use that instead!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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