Hurricane Irene Day

Saturday – I guess that Hurricane Irene has hit North Carolina.  This one looks a bit concern since my Mom is in Virginia and our son and my best friend are in New York – both places where this storm is projected to hit.

Reminds me of Hurricane Carol which hit where we lived when I was a kid.  My Mom said “let’s go down and see the waves”.  Our car got stuck and we probably would have washed out to sea had we not been blocking the path of a truck who wanted to get out of the area fast.  He pushed us to safety.


We lived on a small embankment and when we got home, we could see that the road directly below us was flooded and people were going by in rowboats.

Even here it is pouring rain today.  I’m not sure if there’s another hurricane brewing or not.  I guess I’ll just read inside today.  I’m still on book #5.

Sunday is supposed to be our catamaran.  We’ll see if it gets cancelled or postponed.  It looks like rain off and on here for the rest of the week, though.  I guess this is why it’s called “the rainy season”.


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