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Baltic Cruise 2019: Copenhagen Embarkation!

Saturday, September 14, 2019.

I’d love to say that I woke up like that image but no.

I woke up about 4am with cold feet (no blankets here.  I guess they expected people staying here as a hostel to have sleeping bags). Tom put one of the thin mattresses from another bed (we had a queen and two twins) over me and I was good to sleep a few more hours.

Tom took the used batteries from his shaver to reception so that they could be recycled.

Some of the bicycles in the courtyard below. There are so many bicycles here.

Since we had the kitchen, I was able to have some cereal and a banana.  This ho(s)tel had a continental breakfast.  Since continental means pasties, I assumed that they got them from that bakery next door.

Those looked wonderful but…

Find the fly

Here’s the fly

Find the bee

Here’s the bee


The elevator was working again! Hooray! That makes moving out so much easier.

We checked out and headed for Copenhagen North Quay Terminal 1.

Went by Danish Queen’s residence (Amalienborg) and The Copenhagen Opera House (in Danish usually called Operaen, literally The opera) is the national opera house of Denmark, and among the most modern opera houses in the world. It is also one of the most expensive opera houses ever built with construction costs well over US$500 million. It is located on the island of Holmen in central Copenhagen.

Interestingly, when we got the port, they split up entry by deck number, so our cab went to the right, to Terminal 1.

We didn’t have to give suitcases to any porter – they were just putting on luggage tags for those who hadn’t done it in advance.

I had to explain the Growth Hormone situation again to their security. Other than that, very easy check-in, they took the pictures we never saw and got onboard.

We were eating lunch (and having my first cup of coffee since the plane on Friday morning) by noon.

After lunch (and coffee) we sat on deck 16 until our cabin was ready.




We saw what I think was the wind farm we saw from the plane yesterday


Our cabin was HUGE! It was supposed to be for handicapped people but worked well for me.


I took the tiniest of naps then the steward, Noel, came by to introduce itself.

Muster wasn’t too awful. Met a couple from Boston. Most on here seem to be non-native English speaking.

I showed Tom on 6 where the Atlantic room was, even though I’ve never been on this ship. They all seem so similar.

More nap, sitting outside, nap, dinner.

Sail away!

Tom went to a meeting in that Atlantic room

I finally got my growth hormone injection of the trip done. On the first try, the ship rocked a bit and I drew blood. Oh, well!

They have sharps containers here! The last 3 Norwegian ships did but you can never be too sure.

I took my shower, then reading for a bit.


Tomorrow, Germany!