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Scotland ~ Loch Morlich: Day 4, August 29, 2017


Tuesday, I woke up about 9.  Amazingly, I was able to get to sleep after last long night’s nap.  I read about 1 page in my book.

Last night I got 8:37 sleep time

The forecast for today 47°-56°.  Rain, Overcast, Mostly Cloudy, Clear, Partly Cloudy…

For work at home I answered a request for a room for the Cub Scouts (no, already booked) and tried uploading sermons again.  Still not working.  Maybe I’ll reboot the computer to see if that helps….later.

I took a shower and ran out of hot water.  I need to remember – Chalet in Scottish Highlands not at home with seemingly limitless hot water.  Maybe a cold water rinse will do wonders for hair.

After some time deciding where to go, we decided on a path through Rothiemurchus, partly around Loch Morlich.  Very nice trail, muddy in some spots, a few swales and bridges.  Lots of people biked by going the other direction.  We went by a beach with ducks and folks canoeing and a tributary with more ducks.

It was raining off and on, so we turned back after a little over a mile.


Of course, we stopped at Tesco on the way back and got some supplies.

Someone wanted to move a meeting on the church calendar.  It wasn’t even on the calendar so there was a bit of discussion about that.

The HDMI cable didn’t work – I got it plugged in just fine but there was no way that I could see to select that port on the TV

We climbed 4 floors and walked 3 miles