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Day Six, Cozumel, Mexico – November 22



I woke up about 6:30 (we’d changed our clocks again last night) and got caught up on this blog and did some online work.

Even sitting out on the balcony at 7:30 am was hot.

Today is the 12 Metre America’s Cup Regatta.  We looked forward to this since we heard it was an excursion on this cruise.  We had been on an America’s Cup in Hawaii and loved it.  (There are lots of images missing there – I’d hosted a blog on Posterous and they stopped hosting, and I lost all my online images.  I still have them on my computer and I’ll try to add them back in…eventually)

We disembarked and waited with our guide onshore until it was time to walk over to the dock where we picked up our ferry to the 2 America’s Cup sailboats.  While on the ferry, we were sorted into 2 teams for the race and we were assigned to our positions.  I was in charge of the cooler 🙂  This gave me an opportunity to take lots of photos and 4 videos:





Here are today’s photos:

After the race, we walked around the shops by the pier.  I bought some vanilla for a friend and Tom had his picture taken outside the Drugs and Deli.  I think that’s a requirement for anyone who goes to this port.

What a great day!

Heading to The Crane in Barbados in Just a Few Days

I always get excited when it’s close to Barbados time – it’s like going home for me. 

I was reading over some of the past years’ blog posts and found that the images in some have a big black triangle.  I’m not sure what that’s about but if you click on that triangle, the picture will show up.

This will be our 15th year going to Barbados since we went for the first couple years to Coral Point, just up the coast.  So many memories, especially the ones from September 11, 2001.  Then there were the years that hurricanes almost hit, the year we met an “alien”, being on the Concorde, the horse races, the archeology at an old Jewish Synagogue, the beautiful flowers, the roti, last year when we had the big ceiling leak

The Countdown has begun!




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