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We Made It!

Friday night seems so long ago now but that was when I took our dog to her sister’s house – or what we call “summer camp”. Mimi is so fortunate that her sister and human family let her visit so often and that she’s never had to go to a kennel.

I got back from that about 10 and we had a quick dinner of sandwiches from the grocery. Then to finish up packing.

I got to bed about 12:30… Not too bad but we had to get up at 2:15 to catch our flight.

Our taxi arrived at 3 and we got to the airport by 4. Unfortunately, the flight folks didn’t get there until nearly 5 so we couldn’t check our baggage.

Finally, that was done, we cleared security, and got to the gate. One interesting thing about this flight was that we had used frequent flier miles on United. They got us the tickets through their partner, Air Canada, so we found ourselves flying from Washington, DC to Toronto before heading south to Barbados. Added a bit to the trip!

We did get some good sunrise pictures from the plane, though. The last few look like the wing is on fire. Maybe later I’ll make up a better story about those pictures 🙂

All went well and we got to Toronto in about an hour and a half.

Cleared customs there but didn’t have to get our luggage. Yea!

On to the next gate. The next flight had a bit of turbulence but I was proud of myself and didn’t scream although I did clutch the armrests pretty heavily.

We arrived and all was well. Got our luggage, cleared customs and immigration and off to Stoute Rental Car. We have been renting cars (and once, bicycles) from them for about 15 years.

And we’re off to The Crane, remembering to drive on the left. Around the roundabouts and up the road.

At last, we are home!

We got unpacked very quickly. We already know where everything goes. Computers set up, stuff put away, furniture moved so that the desk is facing the big doors to the ocean instead of the wall and smaller window to the ocean.

We went to the little grocery store here to tide us over until the real store on Sunday.

Tom did some email checking, I read and napped, then out to dinner at D’Onofrio’s (Italian). Yummy food then back home.

When we got to our front door, there were 3 tiny baby frogs. I wished I had my camera. I got lucky when we got in because there was a slightly bigger one in our kitchen sink. I got his picture!

A little TV, a little reading, then fast asleep.

Costa Rica, Day 3

This was the day we went to Manuel Antonio National Park. I’m only going to post some of the pictures from here and the rest later, depending on the connection.

Our shuttle picked us up at 7 and included the couple we met at the Thrifty on Sunday and the couple we met here for the Quepos grocery run.

At the park we got our guide, Andre, met up with us. He had a super high-powered telescope on a tripod so we could see lots of things would never have seen, especially on our own. Without Andre we probably would have seen nothing!

All of the pictures in a circular frame were taken through the telescope. We saw 2-toed and 3-toed sloths. Their differences were not just in the numbers of toes but several other things such what they ate. We also saw baby bats sleeping, several types of tree frogs, insects, frog larvae.

The frog larvae was interesting. I have 2 pictures. It looked like a gelatinous mass with lots of eyes…which moved. Eventually, the sac will fall off the leaf and into the water below. Those eyes will become tadpoles for a bit, then frogs.

We heard before we saw the howler monkeys. They were very noisy! Eventually one threw a tree branch down toward us, then a bit of monkey poop.

The monkeys are, of course, free to go wherever they want and some were getting killed in the roads. Or they would use the power cables as highways. Not a good idea! The people installed blue cables for them at the routes they normally took. The monkeys can see the blue, use those highways and stay safe.

We also saw another type of monkey, lizards and more.

After this part was over, we forded a stream and had a great fruit snack along with soursop drink. Mmmmmmm. On this trip I’ve had more fruit than a long time.

We went and sat on the beach for a bit, then back “home”.

After naps, there was a barbecue near the pool, then early bed.

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