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Jammin’ Cat

What a nice – but early! – day.  The taxi picked us up at 7:30 am for the Jammin’ Cats catamaran.  Along the way we picked up a couple young women from Holland, then another from Australia.

We arrived at the Careenage, paid our bill, took off our shoes and got onboard.  We found a nice little place in the shade for a while before leaving the dock.


Not long after we got onboard, we started motoring out of the careenage into the Caribbean for thesbille first snorkel site, the one where folks can swim with the hawksbill sea turtles. People coudn’t use fins here because the turtles are endangered. Due to Tom’s puncture wound, we had decided not to go in the water on this trip but it was fun to see the others swimming with the turtles.

We countinued along to a snorkel site over a scuttled French ship, the Berwin.  The Berwin is a World War I French boat scuttled in 1919 by her own crew. Her captain thought that they were being followed by a German U-Boat and decided to abandon ship first. The Berwyn sits between 7 and 10 feet below the surface depending on the tide. We could see her outline from onboard ship. Because it’s so calm in the bay and because the wreck is nearly 100 years old, it is covered in marine life, such as coral, and lots of fish.

When we left the Berwin it was time to hoist the sails and head north to Payne’s Beach.   In this calm bay we were close to land and it was pretty shallow so people could have fun swimming, floating on mattresses or going into shore.  This catamaran also had the luxury of drink delivery to the mattresses and swimmers!  Next time, you’ll find me relaxing on a floating mattress!

After a bit, it was lunch time.  Those of us onboard got to eat while the swimmers were still climbing on board.  It was a pretty standard Bajan Tour lunch – peas’n’rice, flying fish, curry chicken, salad, macaroni pie…  I’m not complaining at all, though – I love it all 🙂

After lunch, a bit more swimming, then heading south again.

We disembarked about 2:30 or so and got home about 3:30.  It was a beautiful day, no rain, but I was exhausted.  I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until about 8.

We got a call from the front desk – someone from the Sunday non-catamaran had called.  Tom got the number to call back on Tuesday.

Plantation Dinner Theater

Friday was a nice day with a little rain on and off.  We had gone to Reception to sign up for a couple activities – The Plantation Dinner show and a catamaran for snorkeling.


It turned out that The Plantation was available that night so we grabbed it.


They set up a little wedding arbor on the cliff across from us so we took a few pictures.  This wedding was a bit different from last year.  This year, the bride walked down the hill, last year, she rode in a golf cart.  This year was a violinist, last year a steel drummer.


The first little video tried to capture a bit of the wedding but I couldn’t see much so I’m not adding it here.  The second, I was trying to get a bit of the violin music.  I told Tom that I didn’t think that the salty sea air here would be good for a violin and he said it was maybe a plastic-varius.  <cough>


Our pick-up time for The Plantation was 5:45 so we got changed and off to the taxi.  After going through Oistens and the beginnings of the Friday Fish Fry, we picked up 5 other people, all from the UK.


We got to The Plantation in plenty of time.  We picked up our “welcome drinks” and ome of us had pictures with members of the cast.  We went to our table – right on the dance floor, in front  Nearly perfect seating.  Turns out a 5-year-old named Edward had the center front seat.  More about him later.


We were entertained by the Casablanca Steel Orchestra – 5 steel drums with 4 drummers, a bass and a drum set.  I love watching the one who deals with 2 steel drums – very talented!


Dinner time and lots of great food – salads, flying fish, macaroni pie, BBQ chicken, beef stew, peas’n’rice, desserts and more, coffee… Whatever anyone could possibly want and lots of it.  There is also an open bar but I stopped after the first rum punch.


After the show was the limbo contest, then a singer whow encouraged people to dance with songs like Hot, Hot Hot and In De Congaline.


Took the taxi back home – all in all a great night!


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