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New Camera




So, I bought a new camera for our upcoming cruise to Bermuda and land trip to Scotland.  It needs to be waterproof for snorkeling in Bermuda and because it rains a lot in Scotland.

I have been very happy with my underwater Fuji camera (XP50) that I had for many years.  Somewhere along the way, I’d lost the charging cable but I had an external battery charger.  This meant I had to open up the side compartment – very carefully – to remove the SD card and download the images to my computer and to charge the battery.

To preserve the waterproofness, the side compartment was always a pain for me.  There were a couple switches that needed to be closed just so and sometimes I messed that up and had to start again.  Naturally, I needed to get a picture NOW and managed to flub the closing of the 2 switches.

I was looking at getting an EyeFi card so I wouldn’t have to take the SD card out to get the pictures out and those cost $$.  A 32 GB EyeFi card is $99 on amazon.  AACCKKK!

While I was looking around on amazon, I noticed that my camera had been upgraded. Amazon had an XP70/75 which looked interesting – and had WiFi built in!

Then, along came a Costco catalog with an XP80 for the same price as the Amazon plus it came with some extras I didn’t need.

As it turns out, I can use my phone as a remote control for this camera.  I can see where that might come in handy!

Here’s a comparison of the old one and the newer one: http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/compare/index.html?m=FinePix%20XP50&m=FinePix%20XP80

Hopefully, there will be some wonderful underwater/under-rain pictures – later!

Some info I may need later –

I am able to import to iPhoto. Just put the usb (you need to disconnect from the power cord) into your computer and iPhoto will open. You need to turn the camera on.

WiFI Connection

Step One:  Turn on WIFI on camera.

Step Two:  Connect WIFI on device to WIFI on camera.

Step Three:  Open app and connect to camera.


Online Manual




Costa Rica, Day 2A

I thought I was being so clever last night. I had a thing to plug into my iPad which I could plug my camera SD card into. I downloaded my pictures and and wrote my post. All was well until I put the SD card back in the camera. It says the card is damaged but Tom’s computer can read it.So I need to find an SD card here. I asked Michael to bring one when he comes on Thursday. I definitely want the camera for whitewater rafting that day. Meanwhile, pictures will be from my cellphone.

What I alluded to yesterday… On Saturday I realized we didn’t have a confirmation for this place so we called RCI. They said that they would resend. Still didn’t get it.

When we got here, very tired, on Sunday night they wanted that confirmation,of course. Tom managed to convince them we would have it and to let us stay.

I tried to log on to the RCI site and login didn’t work so I asked for that info to be resent to me. When the confirmation page came up I saw that they had my email address wrong. Someone else had our confirmation and login info.

A long phone call to RCI finally straightened that out and we got the confirmation info yesterday. I had asked them to send it to the resort as well so I figured all was well.

We stopped by the desk to see and they hadn’t gotten anything. Trying to communicate was kind of hard with them speaking mostly Spanish and me mostly English I got their email address and forwarded it to them. The email came back undeliverable.

I took the iPad down to the office so they could see we had the confirmation but they needed a print out. I couldn’t do that from the iPad and I couldn’t send it to them so I asked if I could use their computer. Yes! Logged on to RCI with new info and printed the thing out. The computer commands were all in Spanish which was a bit of a challenge but we are now here legally.

Tom has a conference call in a few minutes so I’ll be going to the pool to “read”. I’ll post more later…

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