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New York, part one

There’s going to be a more elaborate slideshow later since I found this neat template but for now these are just pictures.

Despite the snow in the ground I got Mimi to her sister’s yesterday. When I got home, Tom had finished his work and was about ready to pack.

We’d left a lot of time in case of traffic, so we got to the train about an hour early. Had time for some lunch! The train was packed but we got seats in the quiet car. Tom had to keep leaving to talk on the phone so newcomers on the train kept asking for his seat. The scenery out the window reminded me of Dr. Zhivago. I posted a picture as we were zooming past wondering where Strelnikov was. Not sure of that spelling and spell-checker isn’t picking up on it. Think I spelled it differently each time.

We got to Penn Station about 20 minutes late. Not too bad. Then waited 45 minutes for a taxi. There was still a lot of snow in the street and the taxi lane was blocked so it was one cab at a time and several had to move on because there was no place to stop. While we waited, men with shovels got the lane cleared out and things moved along much better.

We got to our hotel, then about 20 minutes later Michael got there from work. We decided on an Italian restaurant that had been recommended by the hotel. It was about a15 minute walk (20 by car!) so we walked…and it was wonderful. Excellent service, terrific food and nice Black Russians (in keeping with the Dr Zhivago theme, I guess LOL)

Michael went to his apartment to get his computer and other stuff, we stopped at a grocery for snacks, then we all got back to the hotel.

Saturday morning Tom went out somewhere, Michael and I slept in. Then breakfast at Scotty’s Diner. We had planned to go see Michael’s office, then take the Staten Island Ferry but everyone was tired. There were naps by all except me. I had taken adrafinil to help me to stay awake…and I did. Our show, Wicked, starts in a few hours, everyone is now awake so I’ll post this and see what’s next on the agenda…

The closeup of the map shows where we are and where Mary O’Connor’s playground is. LOL

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