Scotland 2022, Pre-Trip

A couple years ago, we decided to go back to Scotland, back to see the Edinburgh Tattoo again. I got tickets for August 2020 and was excited to go…until COVID hit. The Tattoo (and everything else) was canceled and I figured that I’d made a donation the Tattoo fund. Oh well.

I was very surprised around October 2021 when they emailed me and said that I could transfer those tickets to this year and did I want to go.

In November, I got to choose seats and I was lucky enough to get them for opening night, August 5, 2022 – in the second row, right behind the row for people with wheelchairs. I couldn’t believe my good luck.

March 4, 2022 I set up the rest of the trip – British Airways to Edinburgh, a Holiday Inn we’ve stayed at before and a rental car in Edinburgh. All good.

Somehow, by May 4, British Airways decided that we couldn’t fly home on August 7. I have no idea how they knew that 2 months in advance. May 5, they also decided they wouldn’t take us there, either. So, I set about canceling the hotel and the rental car and generally being in a bad mood.

May 25 I remembered Icelandair. We used them a long time ago to fly to London – and they gave us a free layover in Iceland, including free hotel. This year, they graciously agreed to fly Tom and me to Glasgow by way of Iceland so I re-booked the hotel and a different car, this time in Glasgow.

So, all that was left to do was to get time off work, alert my piano students and pack.

The actual trip is coming soon.

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