Baltic Cruise 2019: Sea Day 1

Monday, September 16, 2019

Our first Sea day of two

There was a time zone change again and late breakfast morphed into lunch.

We went shopping in the ship’s shop since they’re not open when we’re in port so as to not “compete” with the stores on land. We got matching Baltic T-shirt/hoodie combos and I got 2 embellished T-shirts. Tom got socks and a Baltic hat for me.  Notice how we’re getting warmer clothes?

I read out in balcony and it got almost hot in the sun.


At 5:30 we went to see Cirque Dreams and Steam


We had a banquette table for six.  The 3 women at the table –  one had her birthday this day, the next on 21st and mine on the 22nd!

Dinner was a salad, beef (and shrimp) broccoli, potatoes, 3 little desserts or fruits – excellent!

The show was fantastic.

Not our video but there are many similarities to our cruise.  The show starts at 3:34


My review from

We did have a meal at Cirque Dreams and Steam which was wonderful, Surf and Turf.  I’m allergic to shellfish so I only had the Turf portion which was excellent.  We loved Cirque Dreams and Steam..

We took our paperwork to guest services for Russian immigration disembarkation. We’ll probably be in group 1 or 2 – watch for voicemail.

We signed up for airport transport. At $25 each, it’s a great deal considering the cost of taxis in Copenhagen…and no Uber.  They also take the checked bags directly to the airport.  No picking them up and taking them to a bus.

Tom went to a meeting and I fell asleep for a bit before actual bedtime.

Tomorrow, Tallinn, Estonia!

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  1. […] catching up on these blog posts but I have done posts for Copenhagen, embarkation, Warnemunde, the first sea day, Tallinn and the first day of St. Petersburg so far.  Hopefully, I’ll get the rest done […]

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