The Trip So Far…

MEETING NOTES : The Trip So Far…

Meeting Created: July 20, 2012 11:56 PM


Thursday morning I got up about 5 am to head to the airport.  I hadn’t slept much the night before because I always get nervous flying.  My first flight was at 9 and left onetime, no problems at all.

I got to Boston for the layover. The first thing I needed to do was get cash for the rest of the trip.  Unfortunately, the ATM didn’t play nice and no cash came out.  I called the number on the machine and got the old “push 1 for…”. I finally figured out what was the right number and I got a recording telling me to call my bank.

So, I had to make another call.  I am not a phone person at all so this was not a great way to spend my free time.  I finally got through that phone tree and got to a real person.  I told him I had a receipt.  When I actually looked it, I saw that the machine had never intended to give me any money – I had chosen savings instead of checking account. DUH

This time when I tried, I actually got my cash.

The next plane was over an hour late, waiting for a plane to arrive from DC. Huh?  Why did I have to take an earlier flight if there was this later one?

Many babies and toddlers on this flight. The row ahead of me had 2 babies and right across the aisle was a toddler.  So much for a nap.

When we got to Chicago, my bag was the third on the carrousel.  Unheard of.
I called the shuttle company and the person hung up on me.  Called again and the person said I had to wait until 5. I was 3:30.  So I wandered around O’Hare a bit and finally went out.  The shuttle was about 20 minutes late.

Got to the hotel and Terry came over to greet me.  I checked in, took my stuff to my room and back down to the exhibit hall.  I saw Sarah (again) and met several new folks, including 2 Corcept nurses.  Picked up some cool stuff.  

Several of us went to dinner at the hotel then unpacking and bedtime for me.


I’m still on eastern time so I woke up earlier than I’d have liked.  I couldn’t get back to sleep so I checked email, did some web work.

The first lecture was Dr Frohman. I got a fruit plate and 2 cups of coffee so I wouldn’t have to go get more during his talk.  I got to sit next to Denise, who I haven’t seen for several years.

Dr. Frohman’s and all the lectures are available on 

So far, I’ve been able to get them available within 5 minutes of the end of the lecture-a first for me.

After the break, I found that they’d taken the coffee away.  Aacckk!  Will have to hoard more tomorrow so I don’t get a headache.  Karen had a brilliant idea and she ordered a pot from room service, which we split.

Dr. Salvatori was next, then lunch followed by Dr. Salvatori again (see lecture notes!). Then Dr. Heaney and a bit of a break before dinner.  I bought a blue short sleeved golf shirt, the same as Denise.

Back to the room to brush my teeth and off to dinner.  It was nice, conference-y food:  chicken in a sauce, roast potatoes, beans, carrot, asparagus, salad and a rich apple caramel dessert.

After dinner, the obligatory pictures.  

Then off to the mall.  I got a sweater.  It’s cold in the meeting room!  

A few of us went in the pool but there were lots of kids.  Maybe tomorrow, when they’re at the zoo…



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