The Tuesday before major holidays I take my mom to visit a friend of mine.  We typically play seasonal piano duets and trios and go out for lunch. This tradition has been going on for nearly 20 years when my mom would drive here on the Sunday before a holiday.


This year, we were taking an exit from one major highway to another and there was some construction going on.  The exit was two lanes and there was a car in the other lane so I had nowhere to go when I saw what looked to be a clump of dirt from the construction.


After I hit it, I soon found that it was more than dirt.  The ride got bumpier and bumpier until I could barely steer. 


We got off at an industrial park where I’d never been before.  I called AAA and tried to explain where I was.  They gently reminded me that I had neglected to renew my membership at the beginning of the month. You can bet I whipped out my debit card super-fast!


It was pouring rain but the nice AAA man arrived within 30 minutes. He got the tire changed out and put air in the other front tire.  My mom didn’t even have to help lift the car!


My friend had also come so we had sandwiches in a little shop in the industrial park. Not a bad end to the day.


I will never let that membership lapse again!

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