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Western Caribbean Cruise, 2009

Day Four, November 18, 2009: Belize City, Honduras

Today’s Schedule!

From http://www.belizecruiseexcursions.com/BelizeCaveTubingZipLineExcursion.htm

Belize Enjoy two of the most exciting tours offered in Belize today, cave tubing and the canopy zip line excursions on your one day visit to Belize!

Your Zip Line adventure begins from the First Platform where you will “jump” from the first Platform to zip to the next Platform found 150ft away. Flying through the air surrounded by nature is the most exhilarating feeling ever encountered, the Ziiiiiiip birds and Howler Monkeys found onsite will be at eye level making you one with the prolific nature Belize is famous for.

The Zip Line Adventure consists of 8 Zip Line Platforms each strategically located within the Rainforest canopy. Double cables (each capable of withstanding 2,000 pounds of weight, the requirement for this tour truly has nothing to do with weight but with the size of the safety equipment) are used for the ultimate safety. All landing Platforms are equipped with safety gear, handrails and Guides to meet your next landing as well as to ensure your personal safety throughout the tour. The Platforms are as high as 85ft into the Canopy and as far apart as 250ft!

Extreme adventure with X-stream BelizeOn the second part of your exciting excursion you will then reach the Cave Branch System Welcome Area where you will be fitted with your life vest, (if you would like one) cave lamp and your tube.

The famous Cave WaveThe walk to the beginning of the first Cave Entrance is an easy gentle 30 to 40 minute stroll through the beautiful Belizean Rainforest. Your guide will take you through two dry caves where many stalagmites and stalactites can be admired along the way. Once we have reached our access point for your Cave Tubing adventure, you will be able to enter the crystal clear, refreshing river and enter the first cave. A picture of the first cave can be seen on our website but unfortunately the picture does not do the area justice as the cave entrance and color of the water is simply spectacular!

You will visit 1 full underground cave system (2 caves) within the Cave Branch System, you will also be guided to underground dry caves within the cave system, a treat only offered by our outfit, X-Stream Cave Tubing! As you approach the end of your cave tubing experience you will float through small fun rapids where you will pickup some speed and end the cave tubing ride in style, bringing you right back to the starting point of your Cave Tubing adventure. Tropical Fruits are offered following your excursion.

If a picture is worth a thousand words the following pictures should give you a great description of both tours.

jungle walk to the caverns

Belize tubing Jungle walk through cave

Trekking in the Belizean Rain Forest, an easy 30 minute walk with your tube cave tubing entrance

Walking through a cave on the way to the river for the cave tubing

belize cave tubing

X-Stream Cave Tubing Excursion

In the Rain Forest, an easy 30 minute walk with your tube to the river tubing entrance

Off we go on our Xtreme Cave Tubing Adventure

belize cave tubing easy river tube entrance

Cave Tubing  in Belize into the caves we go

Regular Cave-Tubing entry and our guides assist you if you need help

Floating through the Belizean underworld

Belize tubing floating in the dark

Cave Tubing Excursions, Belize

Exploring the cave system and various formations by the glow of the cave lights (head lights?)

The famous cave wave

Walking to the begining of the zip line excursion

Guide explaining how to zip line, jumping and landing instructions

The short walk through the rainforest to reach the first platform.

The Guides instruct the Zip method and explain the cables, platforms and itinerary. You can see the double cables.

Guide and test pilot hooking up safety equipment before zipping


Getting ready for the first jump to the first platform 85ft in the air!

Zip lining away!!!!

One of the zip line platforms, they are wayyyy up there

Group on one of the zip line canopy platforms

One of the many platforms found high in the canopy

Wayyy up!

Getting ready to repel from the canopy platform

Back to Earth safe and sound.  LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!

At the end of the Zip Line Excursion you will repel from the last platform back down to Earth.

Easy does it. This is the experience of a lifetime!

Read the rest at http://www.cushingsonline.com/cruise/cruise2009.htm

Cruisin’ With Susan, 2008

Day Six, April 11, 2008: Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, MexicoWe decided we probably should get off the ship just to say we were in Mexico. This was an interesting picture with the 4 boats of varying sizes. Next to us it the Holland America Vandeem, a Mexican official boat and a smaller white boat.

We went shopping in several of the stores in the terminal area. We both finally got better sunglasses than those we had brought. Those, and a new, colorful totebag came from a duty free shop. The tote was only $10 but a small bag Susan wanted was about $90.

We also got vanilla, tshirts, an small statue, earrings and another book in the various shops.

When having cool drinks in Senor Frogs, we saw Big Alex and his wife from the game show but didn’t say that we heard about Little Alex.

We had thought about finding another Del Sol so Susan could do some shopping there but it was a cab drive away and we decided against that.

Even in the terminal, vendors were very aggressive. There was a drug store there that advertised, among other things, “estrogens” and Viagra. We didn’t go in there.

Back on ship, we had lunch – you know where. More napping, shopping, the usual.

We skipped the before dinner show. It was with Ed Alonzo who bills himself as the “Misfit of Comedy”. No thanks!

After another great dinner Harry, Bobette, Susan and I went to the Enchanted Nights Parade. Also, Tiffany and Ken sang songs. Both are singers with The Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers. Interestingly, both female singers are named Tiffany!

I got a notice on my bed that I needed to return that CyberCabin, the one I returned several days ago, or face a $200.00 fine.

Susan says:

“Good afternoon!

Here’s our Thursday / Friday report out from the Western Caribbean. Yesterday we were at The Grand Cayman island and today we docked at Cozumel, Mexico. Both were interesting, but in different ways!

At the Grand Caymans, we did a bit a shopping, but not much more. We learned the hard way not to take the excursions as they can be physically challenging.

Towel dog!Our daily picture for Thursday is with a bit of humor. For those who have cruised, you already know that every evening the cabin steward takes the towels (clean ones) from the bathroom and makes “a towel animal”. We chuckle every evening when we come in and wonder what the next animal will be. For Thursday’s animal, he was wearing my sun glasses!

Today at Cozumel, Mexico, it is for the water-sports oriented. Parasailing, scuba diving, visits to the Mayan ruins (been there before), etc. We walked from the boat down a lengthy pier, browsed some shops where we made some modest purchases, had a cool beverage at Senior Frogs, and then walked back. We never left the boat terminal!

Did you know that the carribean is known for it’s vanilla? They produce the dark verison that we all are aware of for cooking, but did you know there is a clear version as well? I saw it for the first time today. We both bought vanilla to take home to family and friends — so inexpensive here!

Senor FrogsHere’s Friday’s Cozumel’s picture. It’s the place where we enjoyed that tall, cool beverage! With weather everyday in the mid-to-high 80’s, we needed that!

Happy Friday, everyone. We have another two days and are getting ready to come home. It’s been a long, relaxing trip and one that we will remember for a lifetime. Look for tomorrow’s picture!

PS: We ran into the pirates at Grand Cayman. MaryO had her picture taken with them, but we survived!

Today’s Stats:
Time: Cozumel is one hour behind ship’s time. We stayed on ship’s time for the entire cruise.
Forecast: Partly Cloudy 86 degrees
Sunrise: 7:30 am
Sunset: 8:05 pm


Read more at http://www.cushingsonline.com/cruise/cruise.htm

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