The Road to Hana, part 2

The road to Hana was a beautiful one.  We got out several times and took pictures.  The road itself didn't seem to be as bad as I'd read.  To Hana was paved, although there were a lot of trucks due to roadwork on some of the bridges.  But then, I wasn’t driving!

The town of Hana was small – the bank was only open for 1.5 hours Mon-Thurs, 3 on Friday.

We had a nice lunch overlooking the Pacific.

The road FROM Hana – that’s for the next post!

Pictures from , the tour company’s website:

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South Wailua Falls in the Distance –  Hana Tour

Scenic View From Hana Tour

Scenic View From  Hana  Tour

Checking Out Black Sand Beach – Hana Tour

Hana  Tour

Lunch at Hana Ranch Restaurant – Included in Tour

Scenic View From Hana Tour

South Wailua Falls – Survive the Road to Hana

Survive the Road to Hana

Hana Tour

Hana Tour

Water Fall on Rainy Day – Hana Tour

Photo Opt South Wailua Falls

Haleakala National Park – Seven Sacred Pools

Charles Lindbergh's Grave

South Wailua Falls – Survive the Road to Hana

Photo Stop at Rainbow  Eucalyptus (Painted Trees)

Scenic View on Survive the Road to Hana Tour

View Overlooking Black Sand Beach

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