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Maine/Canada Cruise: At Sea


After the usual too-big breakfast, we spent some time walking around and reading before the Cruise Critic Meet and greet. This time it was in the District Beer House.  No coffee and pastries but samples of beer and appetizers.  We had over 90 people sign up and it was a great turnout, even if we didn’t win any of the prizes.

About 10 of the officers came to meet us and give us contact info.

There were very nice people at our table, including a woman I’d already chatted with on Facebook


Then it was time for lunch and another walk on deck.

After all this eating and walking it was time for a nap

Tom had a meeting and  I tried to get work done.  The Wi-Fi connection was ok for some things like reading but not for actual work.

Dinner was Mediterranean Seafood night which I skipped due to allergies

And we walked on deck

I had some of the wine that they’d left in the room.  Not the best but it was there.

I saw an ad for a “Party patch” available in the ships store.  I had never heard of such a thing before but there it was:

  • Natural Hangover Defense Patch
  • Wear while drinking to defend against a hangover
  • Water resistant
  • Replenish your body with vitamins while drinking
  • For best results wear for at least 8 hours – remove next day

Of course, amazon sells them too so you can buy them cheaper before you go.  You can even get a 24-pack for those longer cruises.

I spent some time looking at the patches folks were wearing to try to figure if they had the regular Dramamine patch or the Party Patch.

And to sleep…

NYC Day 3 / Cruise Boarding

Some ambitious person posted this picture on Facebook of the Escape arriving in the early hours this morning.

After leisurely packing, we met our son and wife for breakfast at Blue Bottle Coffee, then off to do a bit of shopping for things folks forgot to pack.  To Michael’s to retrieve my iPad that I left there yesterday, then back to the Courtyard by Marriott New York Downtown Manhattan/World Trade Center Area to finish packing.

We Ubered over to Pier 88.  Pier 90 is still not fixed from when a  Carnival Cruise hit it a few weeks ago.

Checking in was quite painless, but waiting for the elevators to get to the Garden Cafe is always a PITA.  Everyone wants to eat and there’s not really anything else to do yet.

As soon as they called the cabins open, the Cafe cleared out.

Our luggage arrived almost as soon as we did.  I checked out the balcony, of course, and it’s hot out there.

Not much exciting.  We read for a while on the balcony, had dinner, checked out the other decks to see what’s here, walked around the decks and an early bed.



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