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  1. Linda M Brinker | Reply

    I am 70 years old, a retired nurse. Just retired 6 months ago. I feel this new phase in my life so far is grand. I now have free time to cook more healthy meals, walk my dog more, read, and do some things I have always wanted to do. First of all I joined our hometown area Garden Club. That has given me a chance to meet new people in our town. I have always enjoyed flower gardening but could not devote as much time as I wanted to. So through this membership of the Garden Club I will get some new planting and gardening ideas. Next on my list is to in general take care of me. So many years I have cared for others. I recently took a trip to visit my sister in Florida, which now I plan to do yearly. Remolded my kitchen and did some updating of our home. Life for me right now is good. I plan to make my goals continue to keep that good life.

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